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About Us – Al Ghaith Group

The Company was established in 1978 as an Associate of Al Ghanim & Al Qutub Group of companies of Kuwait, in partnership with Col. Mohammed Saeed Al Ghaith.Subsequently the company was taken over fully by Col. Mohammed Saeed Al Ghaith in 1989 under the Commercial Laws of Dubai, which requires Agency establishment to be fully owned by local National individuals only.

Our Services:

Over the period of years of experience, the company has set up a well defined organization for handling all the activities supervised by professionally qualified and competent Managers with routine inter-action and systematic back up to offer required uninterrupted services in the fields of:

  • 1. Shipping Agency (inclusive of Container Division)
  • 2. Marketing / Customer Service
  • 3. Overland Transport
  • 4. Air Freight
  • 5. Freight Forwarding by Sea / Air
  • 6. Accounts and Finance

The Company has permanent staff of 65 personnel which consists of senior and Junior Management, clerical, secretarial, Port and outdoor staff.

The company presently represents the following principals:
  Overseas Shipping & Stevedoring, Hodeidah   Break Bulk / Container Service   
  Algeria National Lines (CNAN)   Break Bulk / Container Service   
  Geepee Lines (Bangkok)   Break Bulk / Parcel Service   
  Jordan National Line   Break Bulk / Parcel Service (Liner service from Europe)
  United Ship Management (Hong Kong)   Ship Managers & Operators               
  Ikhlas Offshore Shipping Co.Ltd., (London)   Break Bulk Vessel Operators             
  Oceanic Fruits (Hamburg)   Reefer Operators from Chile, South Africa & Egypt